Episode 23

Bulls, Bears, and Pigs


June 20th, 2022

1 hr 58 mins 44 secs

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Welcome to the Bear Market

  • If bitcoin is dead...why is the federal reserve doubling down on their FedNow CBDC bitcoin clone?

Reading list for the Bear Market




  • Celsius network halts withdrawls, appears insolvent and poised to take down other stealth crypto hedgefunds and lenders like 3ac
  • Who could have known that the NBA would create huge numbers of NFTs to satsify demand for Top Shots, tanking their price?
  • Lyn's post-mortem of the vurrent crypto crash is also required reading to undrestand why all the alts go down and how that doesn't affect bitcoin's value proposition
  • Arthur Hayes latest blog post is a mix of failed predictions and an attempt to pump his DEX bags


  • DuckDuckGo searches seem to be plateauing, might just be a blip but demand for privacy seems to be a persistent issue

Bitcoin Education

  • A list of bitcoin privacy proposals by Seth for Privacy
  • Certified Bitcoin Professional test
  • Bolt Hackathon tutorials on youtube if you want to get started building on lightning



  • None today!

Value for Value

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