Episode 5

End of the Petrodollar - Weirdly, not alarmist


March 20th, 2022

1 hr 14 mins 14 secs

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Good News Everyone

End of the Dollar - Weirdly, not alarmist

  • The petrodollar system is crumbling faster than expected as Saudia Arabia considers Yuan options for oil pricing
  • Sanctions are blowing up the dollar system because experts explain they only work when used well, i.e. in our current disfunctional world, they will not work
  • Somewhat desperate US negotiaions for oil with Iran
  • Bitmex founder Arthur Hayes appears to be a listener as he stole our third episode for his latest article :D, tldr Petrodollar system is toast
  • Lyn Alden describes the petrodollar system

Bad News

Recomended Tools

  • Samourai Wallet an android mobile wallet with privacy features
  • Hodlhodl a peer-to-peer exchange for non-KYC purchase of bitcoin

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