Episode 73

Nuclear Buyback


April 24th, 2023

1 hr 30 mins 28 secs

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  • Alexi, the developer of Tornado Cash, might be getting out on bail after 6 months in jail waiting a trial


Economics and Banking

  • The Treasury Borrowing Advisory Commitee (TBAC), proposed a Treasury buyback program in February, another sign that Yield Curve Control is the solution to the U.S. Governments debt spiral

  • The 1 yr US Treasury bill continues to sharply invert, expressing a negative economic outlook



  • Trezor, a hardware wallet, adds coinjoin integration for user privacy, but its through Wassabi Wallets ZKSnacks' coordiator that does chain analysis on users before letting them coinjoin
  • MullvadVPN, a reputable privacy focused VPN provider, was served a warrant in Sweden, their home juristiction, no customer data was handed over since Mullvad collects no such data

  • jam is a webui on top of joinmarket, a maker-taker based coinjoin protocol that avoids the centralized coordinator issues of Samurai and Wasabi

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