Episode 9

Maximal Critique


April 11th, 2022

52 mins 3 secs

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Criticism: Internal and External

  • Pete Rizzo's latest article is a thoughtful summary of the three main narratives of bitcoin maximalism
  • A critique on NFTs that begins with a somewhat lazy attack on bitcoin but is generally correct in it's critique of financial grifters pushing DeFi, WEB3, and NFTs
    • Why do narratives like this appeal to no-coiners like Ezra Klein?

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  • On MMT, Stephanie Kelton is inspirational not stupid, but I think her strategy is likely to be highly inflationary

    • MMT tries to describe the complex financial systems that regulate money production in an economy
    • It also debunks the "how will you pay for it?" argument to redistributive social policies
    • On the darker side, it likely requires capital controls and financial surveillance to work


  • No one has raised anything lately...

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