Episode 106

The Trust is Bust


October 28th, 2023

39 mins 41 secs

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  • Main stream financial blogger Rich Dad Poor Dad views bitcoin as a hedge against Central Bank Risk
    • Actually Kiyosaki is quite shady despite his financial success, typical bitcoin tout amiright?


  • The US Social Security Trust Fund is still drawing down which may affect US Treasury Market liquidity as the world enters a decade of Fiscal Dominance
  • The latest FED working paper on fiscal dominance identifies the banking sector as the future warehouse of large US debt issuances


  • FinCen is coming for coinjoin on bitcoin a year after sanctioning privacy on Etherium via the Tornado Cash blacklist

    • Request for comment coincides with Elizabeth Warren's latest hyperbolic attack on crypto and misrepresentation of the role of digital currency in funding Hamas
    • Good analysis of the story from shinobi
  • Coin Center, a crypto advocacy group, filed a motion to halt (PDF WARNING) the US tax authority's John Doe Summons against crypto exchanges that suck up personal financial information


    • Is there an alternative to 'layered scaling' when it come to increasing blockchain throughput? Galaxy would like you to think so.

Bitcoin Education

  • Optech #274 focuses on the lightning HTLC recycling attack and mitigations that can't fully address the protocol level vulnerability
    • It brings to mind the recent HTTP/2 Rapid Reset attack, the vulnerability is at the protocol level, there's no 'fix', only mitigation



From: Withers

Hey guys, I've really been enjoying the show. I guess Jupiter Broadcasting wasn't sending me down enough rabbit holes, so now I have bitcoin!
Do either of you use metal plates to save your seed phrases? Any suggestions?

From: Hal was right

Dhruv Bansal has a three part article on what bitcoin would look like if expanded to the entire solar system. Highly recommended!

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