Episode 76

Banks Fail and Nobody Cares


May 6th, 2023

1 hr 19 mins 7 secs

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  • The AdoptingBTC conference in El Salvador on November 7th



  • Coinmetrics on MakerDAO, a decentralized collateralized stablecoin, that is struggling to remain decentralized and stable

Economics and Banking

  • First Republic bank is has been sold to JP Morgan as the U.S. Banking crisis accelerates

    • Though some regional banks dispute claims of their financial distress
  • Even the IMF's own research don't support the wage-price spiral argument that justifies current central bank anti-employment policy


Bitcoin Education

  • Bitcoin Optech #249 covers another proposal for bitcoin vaults and waxwing's thoughts on adapter signatures which are necessary for new taproot multisig constructions


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