Episode 7

FUD vs Education


April 2nd, 2022

1 hr 2 mins 38 secs

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Latest Attacks on Bitcoin

Energy FUD

5a. In the case of a transfer of crypto-
assets to an unhosted wallet, the crypto-
asset service provider of the originator or
other obliged entity shall obtain and
retain the information referred to in
paragraphs 1 and 2 from its customer,
where available, and make such
information available to competent
authorities upon request


  • Democrats propose bill to create private ecash instead of a CBD
    • And it's Rohan Grey again

Bitcoin Education

  • Take Gary Genslers MIT blockchain class and become an expert
    • Interesting to learn what the head of the SEC thinks about BTC
    • Very bullish on permissioned blockchains - wrong on that
  • The bitcoin whitepaper is a surprisingly accessible read. Check it out!

the bitcoin dad on how to dismiss 99% of altcoins without remorse



  • None today!


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