Episode 86

Accidental Orange Pill


June 24th, 2023

30 mins 41 secs

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“Financial globalization was supposed to usher in an era of robust growth and fiscal stability in the developing world,” said Jayati Ghosh, an economist at the University of Massachusetts Amherst. But “it ended up doing the opposite.”


  • Arthur Hayes on the fungible nature of capital and why U.S. anti-crypto moves are irrelevant

Bitcoin Education

  • Bitcoin Optech Newsletter #256 discusses the dry but consensus shaping implications of different transaction relay policies, which helps illustrate the hot mess of decentralized consensus and how this really is a huge experiment

On the other end of the spectrum, identical policies across the network help converge mempool contents. A network with matching mempools relays transactions the most smoothly, and is also ideal for fee estimation and compact block relay as mentioned in previous posts.


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