Episode 74

A Checking Account to Rule Them All


April 30th, 2023

1 hr 12 mins 13 secs

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  • Crypto did not cause Signature, Silvergate and SVB collapses, and FTX exposure was minimal per a U.S. Congressional report

Economics and Banking

  • The U.S.A.'s banking crisis is not over as First Republic limps on

    • A former FDIC official observes that the FDIC is broke after nationalizing Sillicon Valley Bank (SVB), Signature Bank, and Silvergate Bank
  • Arthur's baaaack and on fire with his latest blogpost on what a dollarized world is from a trade perspective and what comes next (gold then bitcoin?)

  • China's gold reserves continue to rise, perhaps as an alternative escape hatch for trade surpluses

  • Lyn Alden is also back discussing the US debt ceiling and how it will interact with relativly illiquid financial markets

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