Episode 89

Not at all about Bitcoin


July 8th, 2023

49 mins 4 secs

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  • BlackRock CEO Larry Fink is now promoting bitcoin on tv news

  • Binance Chief Strategy Officer Patrick Hillmann and Vice President for Compliance Steven Christie confirmed in tweets on Friday morning in Asia that they are leaving the world’s largest crypto exchange.

  • The confirmations came after Fortune reported multiple Binance senior executives were resigning amid regulatory investigations and lawsuits.



  • Christine Laguard's speach at the Council on Foreign Relations earlier this year, reveals the ECB announced the end of central bank independence and further fragmentation of the dollar system
    • She also casually points out that there are no property right guarantees in the dollar system: > For a start, an economic policy mix that produces less volatile growth and inflation will be key in continuing to attract international investment. And although 50 to 60 percent of foreign-held U.S. short-term assets are in the hands of governments with strong ties to the United States—those that I think Janet Yellen calls the “friends,” meaning that they’re unlikely to be divested for geopolitical reasons—the single most important factor influencing international currency usage remains the strength of fundamentals. And by that, we know that it is the rule of law, strong respected institution, as well as open capital markets.


  • The 'misinformation industrial complex' is being academically formalized and a Harvard think tank is refreshingly self-reflective on what that means for society

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  • Bitcoin Optech #258 is pretty thin reflecting the summer slowdown (we hope)


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