Episode 119

The Cat is Loose


January 13th, 2024

1 hr 1 min 6 secs

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Halving the next hype cycle

  • 101 days and 14512 blocks left


Day 1 Trade data:

"UPDATE: We don't have to wait till tonight for $GBTC Flows. Just -$95 million. A fraction of what I and many were thinking. This means yesterday was a huge success in my opinion. Likely going to see an inflow number for $BRRR from Valkyrie too! Day 1 Net flows sit at $625 mln

  • The FCA, Britain's consumer financial regulator, guidelines discriminate against certain customers as unsuitable to buy bitcoin


  • Arthur Hayes on the confluence of financial system, banking, and economic stress, which means bitcoin might dump

  • Shinobi on Bitcoin Magazine explains the economic rational for layered scaling in terms of Jevons Paradox, the observation that increasing efficency can also increase demand, which increases price


The team and users at GrapheneOS have uncovered a vulnerability in smartphones being actively used by digital forensics companies / exploit brokers to facilitate extractions in the after-first unlock (AFU) phase.

Bitcoin Education

  • Bitcoin Optech #238 covers lightning anchors and LN Symetry, as well as reviwing some bitcoin core review club questions


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