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  • Fednow, the Federal Resrves new payment system for instant payments, has finally launched with '35 early-adopting banks and credit unions, as well as the U.S. Department of the Treasury’s Bureau of the Fiscal Service'

  • The US House of Representatives Fianncial Services Comittee, a House subgroup focusing on financial law, submitted a bipartisan crypto market bill to the Aggriculture Comitte (which oddly is above it)

    • This bill would then be submitted to the house, likely would not pass
    • Contains the language for ICOs to become sufficiently decentralized and graduate into commodities



  • The Director of Investigations at Chainalysis, a blockchain surveillance and ant-privacy firm, unaware of scientific basis of their surveillance product

  • The FBI arrested the admin of a Mastadon server on charges unrelated to the server, but seized all his electronic devices (common clause in arrest warrants) wich included a backup of all server data

    • Just getting off twitter doesn't solve the problem of privacy online

Energy and Bitcoin

  • Yet another bitcoin argument for mining logically reaching zero emissions
  • But what's the real energy disconnect between Greenpeace/COP21 and bitcoin energy maximalists? Doomberg thinks that the core fallacy is the economic theory of degrowth that associates growth and environmental destruction.

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